A Full Guide for Buying Lightsaber Online

The world will never want fake merchandise related to Star Wars. There is just one place to go to if you are looking for the most replicas – the fans.

The talented craftsperson, artists, and engineers that make up the lightsaber community make replicas, which are close to the items you see in films.

So if you are looking to buy the right Star Wars lightsaber online, the following are tips to look at from the pros:

1.      Consider the Weight

A lightsaber needs to feel like a real weapon when you handle it. The item must have a hilt, which feels real, not plastic.

You may pick up a lightsaber and determine if it is cheap. But since you are buying it online, you might want to check the weight details online.

On average, the weight of real lightsabers is about 430 grams. This weight will allow the weapon to balance when a blade gets inserted to ensure it is controllable and flexible.

2.      Look at the Blade Lights

The lightsaber should include visual effects. But the lightsaber’s visuals are made somehow shaky, allowing the sword to look like it is vibrating.

Some blades may allow you to change the colors. If the blades are of high quality, they will allow a smoother transition from red to blue. So a different colored lightsaber or one that includes switching lighting features is the best.

3.      Prioritize the Sound Effects

The humming, sparkling, and buzzing sounds are must effects that need to be part of a good lightsaber. When going for a lightsaber, know that various blades have unique and different sound effects or properties.

Consider going for a lightsaber that can give you sound effects with a motor sensor-controlled sound. It must have a soundboard to allow you to control the sound and ascertain that it produces a sound when it is turned on.

4.      Check the Design

There are various lightsaber types in Star Wars, such as double-bladed lightsaber and standard lightsaber. You can find both of these lightsabers online.

But as you get them online, ensure you look at their hilt. You might want to ensure the hilt is durable to withstand the hardcore duals. If the lightsaber is designed using a plastic material, make sure you avoid them.

Go for a lightsaber, which consists of a metallic body, and ascertain that the hilt you go for a look as great as Jedi’s lightsaber.

5.      Determine the Button Placement

Based on how you are dealing with a lightsaber, either two-hands or one-hand handling, it would be important to be in control of the button placement.

When shooting a film or movie, it would be best to consider the button placement. The buttons need to be simple to turn off and on so that you might be able to easily access different features.

The Takeaway!

The best and the most important tip for shopping for a lightsaber online is keeping things simple. But buying a lightsaber might get complicated and overwhelming, especially for new individuals. Fortunately, with some of these tips from the pros, you will be able to buy a real lightsaber online, even if it is your first time doing so.

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